Florida Keys Sailing - Veterans

Course Offerings

Course # Dates Days Ages Tuition
HFVS-427 12/05/14 - 12/10/14 6 18-99 $0


HFVS-428 12/15/14 - 12/20/14 6 18-99 $0


HFVS-522 01/21/15 - 01/26/15 6 18-99 $


HFVS-523 02/01/15 - 02/06/15 6 18-99 $


HFVS-524 02/12/15 - 02/17/15 6 18-99 $


HFVS-525 04/02/15 - 04/07/15 6 18-99 $


Course Description

Join Outward Bound and other veterans on this sailing expedition designed to provide veterans an opportunity to be together outside the military. If you have previously taken a course with us, we are happy to add you to our wait list.


Your course begins and ends at Big Pine Key. This area, home to numerous birds, and abundant marine life is rich with the confluence of water flowing out of the everglades meeting the water of inner Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The waters are shallow and sometimes clear providing an exciting cruising area for the Outward Bound School's sailing boats. To the south of the Keys is the Atlantic Ocean.


Sailing courses will cruise in three general areas. The back country offers challenging "shoal draft" navigation and the opportunity to explore mangrove keys, tidal flats and coral "patch" reefs. The Atlantic side offers excellent snorkeling at the outer reefs and open water sailing. The course area extends to the Everglades with beautiful sand beaches and a maze of rivers and bays to explore. The turquoise waters, warm temperatures and prevailing easterly winds provide exceptional sailing, both day and night! Actual itineraries are based on weather, currents and length of course.

The Florida Keys are rich in history. The Keys and Everglades were home to the Calusa and Seminole Indians and eventually pioneers looking to make their fortunes. The natural history of the Keys is abundant under the water's surface, on the numerous keys and in the air. The marine life ranges from the smallest of the colorful reef fish to the bottled nose dolphin. You may see the rare key deer, indigenous to a select number of the Keys, and you will be amazed at the astounding variety of bird life.

To apply for this course click the enroll button next to the course dates that work for you. Our expert Course Advisers are available to asnwer any questions or begin your application process at 855-802-0307.  Course tuition does not include application fee or transportation fees.