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HIOBS is truly alive and well. For the first time in nearly 60 years, students will not be sailing in pulling boats in Penobscot Bay or paddling, climbing, and hiking in the Northwoods of Maine in the summertime.  Along with the other Outward Bound schools in the USA, we recognize and honor the fact that our reputation has been built around decades of industry-leading safety and risk management with students in the wilderness.  We will assess and refine our internal safety policies and operational readiness procedures so that when the national health and safety environment is right, we can get back to bringing students into our wilderness classrooms. Rest assured, we will get back out there.  The resilience and tenacity that we bring out in our students are alive and well in our HIOBS community of staff and board members.

To come out of our summer 2020 program hibernation stronger and better, HIOBS staff - both field, and admin - have been busy preparing. Our basecamp crews are cleaning, repairing, and improving the facilities in anticipation of programming resuming soon. Administrative staff are looking forward to the seasons ahead to ensure systems and procedures are in place for when we start up again.


We've been trialing new ways to interact with our students - including "Evening Meetings" with alumni on Zoom - and an innovative "Solo Revisited" remote solo experience. Our staff have been integrating the outcomes of a recent Learning Lab teaching and outcomes initiative and discovering new ways to bring our teachings and wisdom to our students in the field. 

Fall Programs:

Our Fall Programs are happening - starting on September 1st.

By August 1st we will have taken stock of the situation regarding fall programs and have a confirmation of whether we can run them or not. Until then, we are moving enthusiastically in that direction.

Enrolling for 2021-22:

In mid-August the course descriptions and calendar for 2021 will be live on both the HIOBS and Outward Bound websites, so mark that date to enroll in our summer and fall 2021 programs. Sign up to be notified when those courses go live on the website:



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We are readying ourselves for what lies ahead, and will continue to serve, to strive and not to yield! 



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