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Travel Delays or Issues

Changes to Travel Prior to Course Start

If you encounter changes to your travel plans after you have submitted your Travel Form, please contact your Course Advisor to update them about the change.

Delays on the Day of Travel

If you encounter problems with your travel plans that will delay your arrival, please call 855-802-0307. Follow the prompts to reach the on-call staff member for your course. 

Unaccompanied Minor Information


PARENTS of students ages 13-16 who will be flying unaccompanied—please read carefully:

Recently, the airline industry has adopted stricter guidelines for children ages 16 and under flying unaccompanied by an adult.  Each carrier has different rules about who must fly with Unaccompanied Minor (UM) status, depending on the minor’s age, the flight route and stops. This UM status will require an additional fee of $100-$150+, and may require additional forms. If your child is under 16 and is traveling without an adult, you MUST check to see if the airline you have chosen will designate them as an Unaccompanied Minor, and inform us of his/her status. This allows us to ensure we have sufficient staff at the airport to meet your child upon arrival, and/or accompany them until they board their flight after Course End. We cannot ensure this level of staff support without advance notice.

Your airline will ask for a contact name and phone number as the pickup person. Please ask your Course Advisor for the details of this person.

NOTE: The airline may not apply this status when you originally book the travel, but may choose to do so at a later date. They may require you to upgrade to UM status (and pay the additional fee) when your child checks in with the airlines to fly to Course Start.  WE STILL NEED TO KNOW – please call us if this happens. Some airlines may require students 13-15 years old to be designated as Unaccompanied Minors when they check in at the airport for departure at Course Endeven if they weren’t designated as an UM on the originating flight, so please make sure to ask your airline about their policies at the time of booking.

Course End


Departure Location: Portland International Jetport (PWM), 1001 Westbrook St, Portland, ME 04102

Please do not schedule a departing flight earlier than 1:30 PM. Our staff will assisting students in checking in by around 12:30pm. 

If you are being picked up at the Jetport, whoever is picking up should park in the hourly parking and then come to the Departures area.  Our staff will be in the check-in/ departure area of the airport assisting those students who are traveling by air with their check-ins by around 12:30pm. Please check in with HIOBS staff before departing.

If you think it makes more sense for you to be picked up directly from the Outward Bound base, please contact your Course Advisor to discuss alternate arrangements.



Course Start


Arrival Location: Portland International Jetport (PWM), 1001 Westbrook St, Portland, ME 04102

Students must arrive BY 1:30PM.  Our HIOBS staff and shuttle van will meet students at the airport. Once you get there, look for Hurricane Island Outward Bound School staff members – they will be wearing HIOBS apparel, and will have a sign or clipboard with the HIOBS logo (see below)Students may gather in the foyer between the escalator and baggage claim area of the airport starting around 1:00 pm. If you don't see HIOBS staff when you arrive, please sit tight and keep your eyes open for them. They are often moving around greeting students, helping gather baggage and answering questions. Students should check in as soon as possible with the HIOBS staff member, and then wait in one of the seating areas until we have accounted for everyone. 

If you are arriving early, we suggest purchasing food before going to baggage claim. There are very limited places to eat once you've exited security.


If you think it makes more sense for you to arrive directly at the Outward Bound base, please contact your Course Advisor to discuss alternate arrangements.

HIOBS logo

General Travel Info

Please review the times and locations for Course Start and Course End as you plan your travel to and from course. You should also be familiar with the information on the COVID-19 Health and Safety page.

 Do not purchase any travel tickets until your Course Advisor has given the "go-ahead" to book travel for your course. This message will be in either your Cleared to Participate email or a separate message confirming the course is cleared to book travel.

Travel details (flights and drop-offs) are due to your Course Advisor 7 days before your course start date. This helps our airport shuttle teams get organized and ensures we have enough seats available for all students needing a ride. You will receive a Travel Form link from your course advisor. Please complete this form, even if you are being dropped off by car.

 Students flying without an adult/guardian may need to bring an ID when traveling to and/or from course.  If you need to obtain a non-driver ID card, please see your local Department of Motor Vehicles office.  For more information, go to