Preparing For Course


Your HIOBS journey has begun. The first day of your HIOBS course will be exciting and will be the beginning of an experience that will challenge you.

Every student's Outward Bound challenge is unique. For some people, living outside for a long time - hiking big peaks, rowing against the wind, canoeing long miles, or sea kayaking hour after hour in the hot sun - is harder than it sounds. For other people, the biggest challenge is being away from their phone, missing family, or not being able to talk to a best friend when things get hard. Other people find that living in a tight-knit group and being an active member of a new group of people is the most challenging part.

Your Course Page is an awesome reference point. You will find a description of your course activities, a description of your admissions process, your customized course packing list, and information about travel arrangements. Make sure to check in with your course advisor if you have any questions about those details.

The following resources are designed to help you prepare for your HIOBS adventure in as many ways as you can. The stronger you are, the more practiced you are in some of the practices we use on our courses... the easier the transition will be in the first few days and the more successful you are likely to be throughout the program. We hope you enjoy some of our videos and have some fun with the preparation activities along the way!

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