The Hurricane Island Outward Bound School launched its Outward Bound Professional program in 1981 in order to serve executives who are intentional about the development of Culture, Teams, and Leaders. 
Outward Bound Professional has long since spread throughout the United States and the world. And why not?  After all, the starkest “human resources” imperative motivated Outward Bound’s very formation:  saving the lives of young merchant sailors facing dire conditions during World War II.
Unlike traditional institutional training settings – where teachers teach and students listen – Outward Bound Professional offers experiences that promote learning.  Participants tackle challenges that require behaviors essential to high-performance teams and leaders:  problem-solving, communications, conflict-resolution, risk-taking, trial & error, support, and self-reflection.  By seeing, firsthand, how their actions and decisions affect results and their teammates, participants experience breakthrough discoveries.
All the while, Outward Bound Professional’s expert facilitators draw out insightful connections and help to set action plans for meaningful change in the workplace.  And we won’t leave you stranded:  our final “Apply & Reinforce” phase ensures accountability for transference of lessons learned.


Our Professional Team