We believe that educators are our future.

At Outward Bound we know, first hand, the deep impact that teachers and educators have on their students. 

In our Educator Professional Development Programs, we aim to bring the magic of the Outward Bound teaching and learning strategies to the teachers who are on the front lines in classrooms around the US. We partner with educators from public and independent secondary schools, colleges and universities, and community-serving nonprofits to help amplify students’ life-changing challenge and discovery experiences.  

In partnership with NOAM Institute, Outward Bound created the Domains Of Thriving framework to emphasize four Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) growth categories—Courage, Belonging, Reflection and Physical Engagement—that are essential for success. By incorporating this student-centered framework within their existing curricula and classroom management strategies, educators can further enrich their teaching practice.

The Thriving Classroom

The Thriving Classroom is a professional development series built specifically for educators and facilitated by Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. Delivered through live, interactive sessions via Zoom, content is designed to help you:

  • Connect with your colleagues in a supportive learning environment.
  • Discover new skills for engaging your students in learning.
  • Walk away with the ability to translate these skills into tangible plans that support your classrooms’ social and emotional needs.

Visit our Thriving Classroom page or download our Fall 2022 flyer for more information and to learn about our upcoming program offerings.

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