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This experience showed me that I could do more than I thought I could. I have always wanted to change the world, but before this trip, I did not think I could. The lesson that I can truly do anything I want to if I put my mind to it was probably the most life changing part of this course.

-Everett, age 15
Partner Testimonials

Our school has been privileged to work with Outward Bound as an educational partner for the past 3 years. Our faculty and students have developed strong relationships with the Outward Bound instructors through genuine appreciation for each other and the similarities in our educational objectives. We partnered with Outward Bound to enhance our student relationships and to develop a school culture of grit and character. We continue to surpass expectations in meeting these educational objectives every year, and cherish our growing relationship with Outward Bound as an educational partner.

— Brad Warrick Principia School

LOVE what you do!! And what you do for us as well.

— Sherman Teichman Director, Tufts EPIC

Parents and students ask me “What happens on an Outward Bound course?” Recently, I’ve found explaining that it is NOT like a popular television series is helpful; no one gets voted off the show. A core philosophy of Outward Bound is for its participants to persevere, and to persevere as a group. Consisting of ordinary students with individual strengths and weaknesses, removed from the normal routines of life, a group of young people are encouraged to discover perspectives about themselves and their relationship with others—perspectives that provide incentive for support, self-reliance, and compassion. It is a lifelong lesson for success. And that’s why the Clarks Sports Center has supported sending our young people on these programs for over 30 years.

— Jerry Townsend Retired teacher, Adventure Facilitator at Clark Sports Center

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