Outward Bound Professional Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Outward Bound Professional Program? 

At the heart of every Outward Bound experience is the philosophy of learning by doing:  placing yourself and your team in unfamiliar environments that require problem-solving with the resources at hand. The challenges we offer mimic workplace dynamics in that they require cooperation, teamwork, leadership and communication. Following (or during) each initiative, we will ask you and your team to reflect on your actions and discuss what you have learned.  Our desire is for you and your team to acquire new skills and tools, a deeper understanding of individual and team strengths, and an awareness of opportunities for improvement.

What will we be doing? 

We use a variety of activities as vehicles for learning, each involving a combination of physicality, intellect, and emotional commitment.  Which specific activities will depend on your organization’s desired outcomes and the results of the pre-program assessment. Some of the activities may be physically strenuous for members of the group. We plan all of our activities with a wide variety of physical abilities in mind and will ask that you participate at the level that makes best sense for you. 

How long is an Outward Bound Professional program?

Most programs are 2-3 days in length, allowing participants to develop an awareness of the behaviors needed for greater success, as well as the time to practice and refine these behaviors. Expeditionary programs may be longer in duration, and single-day programs are not uncommon, enabling groups to accelerate relationship building and explore teaming dynamics.

What makes Outward Bound Professional’s 3-phased approach so important?

In order to provide you with the best possible developmental experience, Outward Bound Professional wants to understand what makes your team unique. In Phase One (“Assess & Design”) we gather data about what’s already working and where attention is required, allowing for a Phase 2 (“Engage & Impact”) program design which addresses high-priority goals.  Phase 3 helps participants “Apply & Reinforce” the insights they gained in the field within their “natural” workplace environments, affecting positive, lasting change.

Where do Outward Bound Professional programs take place?

You name it.  Pending a group’s desired outcomes and logistics, we deliver programs all around the globe:  inside and outside, at your facility, using one of our basecamps, or at an inspiring neutral site.  Ideally, a separation from day-to-day distractions allows for greater results.

What if I have medical concerns and activity limitations? 

We are committed to including people of all abilities and health conditions. Depending on your individual situation, there may be some activities in which you can participate fully and others that might require you to take a more limited role.  Appropriate steps are taken before programs to ensure that health and wellness concerns are identified and considered.

Will participants be required to do all the activities? 

You are encouraged to engage in the activities we offer to the full extent of your abilities.  We recommend that you to arrive with a willingness to be challenged and to try things that may seem beyond your reach, drawing upon the support of our staff and your group.  If medical limitations preclude your full involvement in certain physical elements, we will help you to determine the best level of participation for you.  Along with learning and growth, your safety is our top priority.

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